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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7, 365
For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7

Whether you need a small, fast and easy to deploy UAV or a system that offers Long ranges and flight times for planned missions- Our range of Titan Drones are built to a very high level of quality with models of different sizes and specifications to offer solutions to meet your dedicated needs. We are always excited to embrace new and unique builds for your projects.

This X4 configuration of Quad Copter has been specifically designed for:

Security & Surveillance

The Detail

General Drone Specification:

X4 Configuration Drone with Carbon Prop’s

15- 30 km flight range

45- 80 minutes flight time

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Sufficient IP to allow operational flight in light rain

Optical & Thermal Recording to SD Card on the drone.

3 Axis Gimbal with 360 deg rotation

Folding Arms for Storage.


Camera Specification / Transmission:

Optical Camera - 10x optical zoom

Thermal Camera - Flir Vue Pro 320

Live Stream Optical & Thermal Simultaneously

Ground Station Button allows still photo capture

Ground Station Specifications/Transmission:

Ground Station Directional Antenna

1 off Ground Station Unit for Radio & Camera Operation Combined

Switchable between Optical and Thermal, in flight control.

Up To 5 meters cable link between Antenna & Ground Station

Radio / Telemetry - 433MHz

Video Analogue Transmission - 2.4GHz


Optional Configurations:

X8 Configuration Drone with Carbon Prop’s - Greater Stability/Less Flight Time

Optical Camera - 30x optical zoom

Thermal Zoom Camera &/or 640 res

Retractable Landing Gear

Navigational Lights - Switchable from the Ground Station

Unit to provide GPS location if lost - The drone can be located if lost

NO Recording on the drone - If the footage is confidential and cannot be lost

NO OEM Branding on the drone

POV Camera SD Wide Angle 800 TB lines - Standard OR Encrypted

Video (Optical & Thermal) AES 256 Encryption (2.4 GHz)

Radio / Telemetry AES 256 Encryption (433 MHz)

Ground Station Tracking Antenna

1 off Ground Station Unit for Radio Only + Separate Ground Station Unit for Camera Operation Only

Data rate minimum 12 MBPS

Ethernet protocol UDP/RTP

Rugged Cases - for Drone & Ground Station

Parachute Module