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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7, 365
For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7

- Aerial Photography


Drone Services Ireland shoot professional aerial photography and video using the latest in drone technology to bring you ultra-high-resolution photos and video. All of our aerial photography images are shot in RAW format allowing us to capture the full dynamic range that the DJI X5S allows. We are also able to change lenses, to allow varying focal lengths enabling us to capture a unique shot for each situation.

The Detail

Aerial Photography opens up a whole new dimension and gives a perspective that gives amazing results. With careful planning and the right conditions and lighting, this really brings the wow factor. From construction progress to marketing, aerial photography can be the difference in how your product or service is seen.

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For our video services, we use both Apple Prores and h264/h265 codecs, depending on your requirements, be it a standalone piece of video or to integrate into ground footage, we can provide you with whatever you need. We shoot from 720p right up to 5.2K, at varying frame rates to capture even more detail and allow for more dynamic range and give the flexibility to crop/zoom, speed up or slow down the footage. Much of the work is done on the ground before the flight and planning the shoot is a critical part of the job.

We look after the safety and compliance of the flight and only fly when safe and legal to do so. When we are satisfied we can carry out the job safely, we will work with you and your team to deliver the required shots/footage and when onsite, you will be able to see what the drone sees via a field monitor.

Image stills are edited before being transferred to the client to ensure you receive the best quality images.