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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7

- Squad3


The SquaD3 is a quadcopter created to meet the requirements of complex missions while remaining efficient and inexpensive. With its S3-series homologation for drones weighing less than 4kg, the SquaD3 has an efficient and inexpensive parachute system, making it a versatile tool. Its design and sizing allow it to keep a narrow, foldable frame size for quick set-up. Intended for technical data acquisition, the SquaD3 is very stable and reliable in flight, it will be used mainly&a

The Detail

The Squad3 is, thanks to its autonomy, the ideal vector of acquisition of high quality data for precise modelizations by photogrammetry. Capable of covering several tens or hundreds of hectares for photogrammetry / mapping / modeling applications ...

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Its propulsion unit (propellers, engines, ESCs, batteries) has been the object of a design and of tests tests which give it a great flexibility and a fluidity for a pleasant and safe driving.

The SquaD3 logged several hundred hours of flight without incidents. The parachute system (optional) for ejection for the scenario S3 triggers without any problem and allows to save the machine and its tools.

Endurance: 30 mins

Range: Not specified

Payload: Not specified