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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7

Skeye - UAV LiDAR

Skeye recently added a new sensor for recording geodata in addition to existing sensors such as daylight, near infrared and thermal cameras. The sensor is the YellowScan Surveyor which is capable of making very accurate and dense data points.

The Detail

These point clouds are the basis for making a large number of end products such as:

3D terrain models of a terrain

3D Terrain Models where "non-ground" objects such as trees etc. can be removed

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Volume calculations of raw materials

3D models of buildings or industrial installations

Mapping of small objects such as high voltage lines

A LiDAR sensor has a number of characteristic advantages over a photogrammetric solution such as measuring ground level under trees and mapping of small objects that are not otherwise seen.

The YellowScan LiDAR system has the following features:

Equipped with a RTK and PPK GNSS system for a very accurate location.

Multi-return laser scanner that can better map the ground level under vegetation;

High-quality stand and orientation meter (IMU) that allows to measure with an accuracy of 5 cm.

The LiDAR system will be flown on an Altura Zenith ATX8 drone or another SKEye used UAV. Under normal circumstances, the ideal flight height is 55 meters, which can accommodate an equally wide strip.