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Editorial Feature

12 ways your world will be changed by drones

Published November 28th 2017

Words By: Drone Major

‘The world is on the brink of a technological revolution’

Last week Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced the Government’s intention to embrace the technological revolution.

The Autumn Budget held promises to overhaul regulatory frameworks to enable safe testing of driverless vehicles. These changes are essential if the Government is to meet its target of getting self-driving cars on UK roads by 2021.

Whether we like it or not, drone technology is transforming our world.

Gartner reported a 65% increase in drone sales in 2016, and with a further 39% increase this year, there’s no sign of any let-up.

Featured on, Drone Major Founder, Robert Garbett, says:

“The sky above us is an untapped sea of air, which will have incredible value as the drone industry expands its operations into the future.  As data is the new oil, airspace will be the new gold.” He explains how “developments in 'beyond visual line of sight' (BVLOS) operations, and robust identification and licencing models weaved into the airspace framework, will allow us to effectively implement driverless flying taxis into our smart cities; increase accident response times through the use of driverless ambulances; and make travelling to work a breeze by opening up roof-top drop-offs in built-up areas.”

So, how are drones transforming our world?

Here are 12 ways your world will be changed by drones in the near future

1. Saving lives
From delivering essential first aid packages to disaster-stricken countries to sending out defibrillators to emergencies, drones are helping us save lives.

2. Taking the risk out of rescue missions
In areas where a natural disaster has occurred, drones with heat-seeking technologies and video and photographic equipment can be deployed. They can send live feeds back to operators to enable safer - and in some cases faster - recovery of survivors.

3. Delivering pizzas and packages faster and for less
From using drones to pick and pack, right down to delivery, online retailers can save money, enabling them to keep prices lower and out-price more traditionally-minded competition.

4. Transforming our downtime
Drones are making our downtime even more entertaining. From the iBubble, enhancing your diving experience by allowing divers to enjoy the moment, to hobbyist drone flying and everything in between.

5. Enforcing the law
Drones are already being trialled in some Police Departments to help catch criminals. Drone footage and video feeds could provide critical evidence, helping deliver higher conviction rates and making our streets safer.

6. Getting us from A to B
Drones are already being trialled to enhance transport and enable passengers to travel from A to B more easily. In the Autumn Budget, Philip Hammond recognised the potential benefits of drones to our infrastructure as he announced the Government’s intention to put driverless cars on the roads of Britain by 2021.

7. Combatting disease and illness
Drones in Tanzania are being deployed in the fight against Malaria. With aerial imaging, drones are used to identify small water bodies that become mosquito breeding grounds. This enables operators to locate the mosquito eggs and treat them with a larvicide.

8. Making our infrastructures safer
Employing drones to survey buildings and critical infrastructures, especially in hostile environments such as on oil rigs, makes the business of surveillance much safer. Drones can do the legwork and send a live feed for analysis by operators - or even artificial intelligence. This enables the operator to identify risk areas, eliminating the risks involved with manual infrastructure surveillance, all from a safe distance.

9. Inspiring us to part with our cash
Drones are used more and more in marketing. Awesome footage from TV programs and movies is used in adverts with the sole purpose of persuading you to part with your hard-earned cash.

10. Saving endangered animals
Drones are making it easier for us to keep tabs on endangered species without entering their habitat, significantly reducing the risk of distressing these animals.

11. Enhancing agriculture
Drones are used to help test soil, plant and spray crops, and monitor yields faster and more accurately than ever before; making vast estates easier to manage efficiently.

12. Fighting Fires
Drones are being used to help operators spot wildfires, put them out, track their movement and gauge size and risk; so firefighters on the ground can approach the fire more safely.

There are so many ways that drones can be used to make life easier, safer and more interesting. But how you want to use your drone will hugely impact the functionality you need when looking to buy a drone. With such a rapidly-evolving industry it can be easy to get lost. Drone Major has a team of experts available 24/7 to help you find the right drone for you.