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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7
A Scopito White label

Editorial Feature

A Scopito White label

Words By: Scopito ©

Has the thought of building your own analytics platform ever crossed your mind? Here’s a little exercise for the next time it happens.

Grab some paper and a pen. Now scribble down all the features you need. Then how those would work together. How someone might use them, how they should be used and how to communicate that. Once you’re done, grab a blank sheet and draw all of it. This is just the first draft.

That is what we did seven years ago, and the result didn’t look anything like it does today.

A Scopito White label

Quality takes time.

Scopito today is worlds apart from Scopito in 2014, both in terms of features, design and backend infrastructure. The analytics platform has been formed by thousands of users over millions of hours and as a result, has become extremely stable and secure, even in extreme conditions. It has been updated, upgraded and refined constantly, since the day in 2014 when it first saw the light of day.

At that point in time, the industry moved slower – Scopito evolved and grew with it. Today is a different story. The industry is racing forwards and growing in every direction, not allowing for the slow, gradual development of software to support it – today it is all about fast and efficient.

Not a lot of companies have time to develop and maintain a software platform of their own, and those who do are often surprised by how much experience is worth to the process.

This is why we started white-labeling Scopito; to give others the benefits of our settled and stable software with a white label on it, ready for our customers to make their own.

When a company buys a White label solution from us, we make everything about the software platform theirs. It still works like Scopito, and runs like Scopito (which, believe me, you want it to), but the name is theirs, the looks and feel is theirs. The platform becomes theirs.

White-labeling saves time as well as upfront costs, but the real ROI comes from the lack of maintenance expenses.

ConnexiCore decided to grab this opportunity a few years back and in less than two days, they had their own analytics platform, which they are still using today.

We asked the President of Connexicore a few questions.

My team has become comfortable with the platform and the outstanding customer service Scopito provides.

Frank Segarra


Why did Connexicore choose a white-label solution as opposed to the standard Scopito-platform?

“There are several reasons why we chose this path. ConnexiCore wanted to create some branding and differentiation from other DSP’s here in the United States that were developing their own software platforms, but being a start-up company with limited funds, developing a 100% proprietary software platform was not possible.
Scopito gave us the flexibility to brand and deliver a solution that looked and worked like ConnexiCore.” 

Why did you go with Scopito as opposed to other products?

“Our operations team looked at several products but then came to the conclusion that 80% of our drone services focused on inspections of structures, assets, commercial roofs, hard to reach areas, and large job sites and it seemed like that was Scopito’s sweet spot.

Because we were building our pilot network (which is now approaching 600 nationwide), we needed a consistent looking and -functioning platform that was intuitive, easy to use, and every report looked branded and Scopito was perfect.

Additionally, the team at Scopito treated us like family and welcomed our ideas and were very flexible with getting our launch kicked-off.
Here in the United States people like doing business with people they like.”

ConnexiCore and many other DSP’s have chosen to White label our analytics platform in the past seven years. We treat each case individually, taking our time to understand and build the clients’ vision.

We’re giving away seven years of experience for €15.000/year because we believe that time is too valuable for anything less than great software.