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Editorial Feature

Press Release: ALTI Transition endurance record flight of over 10 hours

Published September 28th 2017

Words By: ALTI UAS

In September 2017, the ALTI team performed an endurance flight with a standard Transition UAV VTOL. This groundbreaking flight saw the Alti Transition achieve an endurance flight time of 10 hours, 43 minutes and 43 seconds, breaking their very own expectations by nearly 3 hours on a standard, non-modified ALTI Transition. Various minor updates and improvements have been made to the Transition over the last few months and all these small changes have a BIG result, endurance. Based on calculations and previous flights, expected endurance was around 8 hours, compared with pre-production endurance tests of just over 6 hours in real world conditions.

ALTI is excited to offer their clients extended endurance to what is already an impressive 7 hour advertised performance. Since this flight, ALTI have increase fuel capacity to allow for an endurance of over 11 hours, not because it was required, but because they could. To ALTI’s knowledge and research, an endurance of over 10 hours on a VTOL hybrid (fixed wing and multi-rotor) aircraft under 20kg MTOW and under 3m wingspan has never been achieved by any other aircraft. The current world record for any VTOL aircraft (manned or unmanned) is 22.5 hours, which ALTI plans on breaking by a few hours with its upcoming 6m wingspan ‘Reach’ due early 2018.