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the importance of branding and how it can be done using well created videos

Editorial Feature

The Importance of Branding: Make a Statement... Or a Video?

Words By: Drone Major

Drone Major Group’s 5 tips for successful start-up and SME branding: 

Starting a new company can be a challenge. Day to day tasks are innumerable, shareholders can be hard to please and profitability may seem like a myth. Regardless of the validity of the concept or the expertise of the leadership, small businesses are vulnerable to market conditions, consumer demands and advertising trends.

For any number of these reasons, 90% of small businesses fail within the first few years. Some of these can be attributed to unforeseen market conditions, but the majority of failures are due to a lack of consumer interest, which Drone Major believes can be successfully remedied, given the right tools.

amit and naroop video services can be used to help create an online presence

Consumers today are distracted, fragmented and, consequently, hard to reach. How can you distinguish your business and your products/services from the competition? To resonate with consumers, a successful brand (or product) needs to tell a story, give the consumer a why. Seems easy enough, but the catch? Consumers attention span is short and their exposure to advertisements is high. Our solution:

  • Determine your “ideal consumer” or target market – Who will be interested in or drawn to your product or service? Be as specific as possible. Try to understand them.
  • Create a strong brand statement – understanding the target market is key. What might appeal to them, how formal or fun do you need to be? Where are they looking (social media, company webpage, blogs)? Should you ‘say what it does on the tin?’ Will people know what your product or service is?
  • Identify the key strengths or accomplishments of your company, business model or product – Create a list of questions that target the topics you wish to share with your ideal target market, as well as the greater public. Consider telling a story to engage people, and work to build a genuine relationship between your company and your consumers.
  • Create content – Take your brand statement and your key strengths/accomplishments and turn them into content. Videos are useful and versatile tools to disseminate information with maximum impact. Maybe investing in one or two professionally produced videos is a good idea?
  • Strategically distribute your content – Utilise social media and share your content across relevant social media platforms. Depending on your business, you could create campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, even LinkedIn for the more business savvy users. Grow your story, and consider longer-term plans for customer engagement, awareness and education through regular articles and newsletters or new mediums such as podcasts.
  • Sounds like a great plan, but you just don’t have the time?

    We would like to introduce you to the dynamic duo that is Amit & Naroop. With over 15 years of photo shoot and filming experience working with the very best of the best – they are here to help. We have had the pleasure of working with them to create content for Drone Major which you can see here.

    Amit & Naroop will work with you from start to finish, brainstorming questions, filming and editing the videos to ensure that your brand’s values shine throughout the process. Start giving your customers what they want to see.