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Editorial Feature

Wingtra named 7th best startup in Switzerland

Published September 23rd 2018

Words By: Adyasha Dash - Wingtra

At the annual TOP 100 Startups award night held by Venturelab in cooperation with the Handelszeitung and PME Magazine, Wingtra was chosen as the 7th best startup in Switzerland. The jury of reviewers, made up of over 100 investors and industry experts choose from over 100.000 young Swiss companies. They ranked Wingtra nine places higher than their 16th place last year. Maximilian Boosfeld and Elias Kleimann, two of Wingtra’s founders, were in attendance to receive the award. 

In the category for Electronics/Mechanics, Wingtra ranked second. Another drone company, Flyability, who build a drone focusing on safety and inaccessible places, took out the first place. Switzerland has become a hub for advanced drone companies and this is shown with ten percent of the top 100 companies being related to drones. Three of these were in the top 10.

Maximilian Boosfeld, Co-founder and CEO of Wingtra commented, “It is great to see 3 commercial drone companies amongst the top 10 startups! Thanks to our customers and this “Swiss Drone Valley” ecosystem that we are a part of, we push Wingtra to become a clear market leader in the high coverage professional drone segment. We will take this as an extra boost of motivation to continue supplying the best VTOL drone to the market.”

Wingtra’s VTOL drone WingtraOne takes-off and lands as a multicopter but flies in the air as a fixed-wing aircraft. This technology eliminates the risk of damaging the aircraft while landing, lets the drone carry professional sensors (e.g. 40MP Sony RX1RII) and still allows mapping of large areas. This combination makes WingtraOne especially attractive for the surveying and mapping professionals.

They have partnered with over 30 distributors around the globe to provide an all-in-one solution to professionals around the world with their drone, the WingtraOne. Recent highlights of use from this year include marine wildlife research in Australia, surveying the largest Uranium mine in Africa and a gold exploration project in Finland. Wingtra will be opening a new office in the US later this year to scale business processes in the Americas and offer closer support.

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