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No Roads, No Problem

Published February 6th 2018

No Roads, No Problem

Published February 6th 2018

Originally published on xyHt. A unique drone (the WingtraOne) helps a team meet the environmental challenges of planning a wind farm in the Alps. At a lofty altitude of 2500m above sea level, 20 wind turbines 100m tall need to be built. These wind turbines will produce 60 GWh per year to power 15,000 households. The engineering challenge is twofold: With the construction site in the middle of the mountains, there are no roads to access it, nor is there any pre-existing data for site planning of the wind farm, which is 800 ha (nearly 2,000 acres) large. This is the challenge that Swiss engineering company Cavigelli Ingenieure AG faced in the Swiss Alpine valley of Lumnezia. While mapping and 3D modelling large areas with high accuracy is a routine task for geospatial applications, the hilly terrain, high altitude, and quickly changing weather conditions in the mountains brought additional constraints. Keeping in mind the need for flexibility and low cost, the company... Read More »

Parazero: Enabling the drone market to operate everywhere, safely

Published January 10th 2018

We have been hearing of drone crashes and safety incidents on an almost weekly basis. The solution is provided by ParaZero a company that specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of drone safety solutions for commercial drones of different shapes and sizes. The company is confident that their solution will enable the drone industry to realize its full economic potential. You can call them Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), miniature pilotless aircraft or flying mini robots, but there is no doubt that drones are rapidly growing in popularity. Even though drones have been on the market for many years and many see them as a great gadget, they are quickly becoming an essential tool for various commercial applications. Today, for example, drones can be equipped with high-quality cameras and sensors that have created new markets. We see a clear evolvement into the commercial sector. In this sector, the impact of drones in the workspace is the most significant. The value... Read More »

Scopito: Creating a tag line for the leading company of its field

Published January 10th 2018

In this letter, we will present some thoughts about what Scopito wants to be in relation to the rest of the drone industry. At Scopito we cooperate with UAV pilots, asset managers and maintenance people from all over the world, on developing our software platform in a direction that will make sense for the actual users of the platform. A few days ago, we threw a small employee workshop at Scopito. We set a watch timer and every employee spent five minutes writing down ideas for a new company tagline/pay off on post-its. We then spent an hour evaluating the suggestions, and within this hour we became increasingly aware of the direction that we wanted Scopito to go and the direction Scopito was going. Which luckily is the same direction. But what is that direction? It can be described in the following points: - We want to create what people need. This may seem obvious, but actually doing it means that we have to actively cooperate with customers, stay in touch and find an int... Read More »

SalusUAV have trained more people than ever and made breakthroughs in their R&D programmes

Published January 9th 2018

2017 was a strong year for SalusUAV; we trained more people than ever and made important breakthroughs in our R&D programmes. Training – Because we are all professional pilots, we train our clients to operate their drones to the same high standards as professional pilots operate their aircraft. Of course, we want to be a successful business, but we also want the drone pilots we train to be the best and most successful in the industry. Our instructors are all experienced professional airline and military pilots as well as being experts in human factors and critical decision making. Unlike most drone training courses, we instruct from the angle of Human Factors and Safety. What we have learned in manned aviation allows us to show you how to operate your drone to the highest possible standards and reduce the potential for human error, the cause of 80% of accidents. We share the CAAs belief that PfCO courses should not be tick in the box exercises, but courses which will fu... Read More »

VideoDrone announces PPK solution for precise geotagging

Published December 13th 2017

VideoDrone Finland has announced a solution which promises accuracies at the 1-3cm level. The main purpose is to minimize or even eliminate the need for ground control points, thereby reducing costs. VideoDrone tested several RTK and PPK technologies suitable for UAV use. The tests clearly demonstrated that RTK is very vulnerable to the signal loss. RTK requires a stable radio link to receive base station data, which limits the range of the operation, can be prone to GPS signal blockage and will lose correction data with radio link outages, particularly due to the UAV flight dynamics, signal obstructions or long distance. Post-processing kinematic (PPK), in turn, logs data in the UAV and processes with base station data after the flight. There is no data loss or initialization loss as in RTK due to radio link limitations. All collected data is processed with similar algorithms to RTK, but forwards and backwards through the data. This ensures the most robu... Read More »

Approaching 2018: How was the year of 2017 for Scopito?

Published December 13th 2017

Approaching a new year, at Scopito we will look back on 2017 as a good year. As a startup that started making software about one year ago, with a background of building drones a couple of years back, and after that shifting to making drone inspections, we know how much can happen in the first year of business. Our founder, Ken Falk, decided to make software for drone inspections because of he, being a drone inspector himself, felt a lack of a way to handle all the data and images captured on inspections. And even though it took longer than expected to really get the wheels going for our software company, luckily it has become clear that our founder is not the only one who sees the need for software that makes handling the inspection data simple and effective. And at Scopito we actually believe this to be the part of the value chain with the highest potential for profit margins for drone operators. Here are some of the things we will remember 2017 for - DroneDeploy contacted us... Read More »

UKRSpecsystems Future Plans: PD-1 Fixed-Wing VTOL Upgrade

Published December 12th 2017

I am looking at the drone market and wondering where we should move next. When we were creating the PD-1 UAS, it was something that our country was lacking at the time. The concept was almost 20 years old, but something Ukraine was missing at that point. Later on, we got our concept proven when the PD-1 become a one of a kind UAV in service in the Ukrainian army. Now we are moving forward. We are starting to enter civil markets, offer services to agriculture companies and now we are currently working on an inspection project for one of the biggest gas and oil companies in Ukraine. We are getting great results and positive feedback from our clients, comparing to smaller drones we do more with better quality and simply faster. The biggest issue, however, is takeoff and landing. Even while we are using pneumatic catapult launcher and parachute recovery it takes additional time for flight preparations and involves additional risks, which we are currently trying to eli... Read More »

WingtraPilot Release 1.6 – a Huge Step in Mission Planning

Published December 11th 2017

In November 2017, Wingtra brought their users a game-changing software update. “The latest flight planning improvements will make a big difference for our customers. Especially those who rely on WingtraOne for complex mapping and surveying missions in difficult terrain” – says Armin Ambühl, CTO of Wingtra. And that is true –  extended flight planning possibilities, simplified operations and increased safety make the recent WingtraPilot 1.6 release the most significant software upgrade ever. Swap the batteries during long missions WingtraOne already comes with an area coverage of 400 ha in a single flight. But now it is possible to fly even longer with just one planning session. With the new “Swap and Resume” battery feature, our users can plan large survey missions without worrying about the range or flight duration. During the mission, WingtraOne automatically returns to home position once low on the battery.... Read More »

Connected Intelligent Drones through Precise Prediction's IoT Cloud

Published November 22nd 2017

About Precise Prediction Our experienced team has been working with Big Data & Machine Learning before most people had ever heard of these concepts. There is a lot of talk about leveraging Big Data, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. We will guide you through all aspects and pitfalls along the way, and help you make YOUR drone or drone-project more profitable. We have been solving the world’s analytics challenges since big data was just a stack of floppy disks. Introduction to Connected Intelligent Drones Imagine if your drones were connected to a Machine Learning cloud that made them intelligent - the solution for that is the Precise Prediction IoT cloud. With our sensors and IoT cloud, we can make your drones intelligent, by building and installing Machine Learning models on the drones. It could be that the drone will automatically fly back for maintenance if needed. If, for example, the drone... Read More »

New​ ​LED​ ​rangefinder​ ​with​ ​60​ ​meter​ ​range weighing​ ​just​ ​9​ ​grams!

Published November 14th 2017

November 15th, 2017, Saint Genis-Pouilly, France: Sensor and sensing solutions company, Terabee, has announced the latest addition to their line of lightweight, small-size, low-cost distance and ranging sensors. Ideally suited to drone use, the new TeraRanger Evo sensor weighs just 9g (12g with communication board) but can make distance readings at up to 60m range! Rather than laser, the sensor uses LED technology. Ease of use has always been a key feature of TeraRanger sensors and Evo is no different. There are no calibrations, compensations or data translations to do, so the sensor is essentially plug and play, streaming distance values in digital format. Adding to the ease of use is the clever two-part construction where the black coloured optical sensor module simply clips to the yellow coloured backboard for power management and communications. Two backboards are available; UART/I2C or USB, but custom backboards can be made on request. Greg Watts, Commercial Manager at Terab... Read More »

How drones may be stealing the show on bonfire night

Published November 1st 2017

There’s something about bonfire night; the sound of fireworks, the smell of the sulphur, and the vivid colours that light up the night sky. But they’re dangerous. They’re expensive. And you can only use them once. Maybe drone technology finally offers us a commercially viable alternative? At this years’ launch of ‘Wonder Woman’, Intel’s Shooting Star drones delivered a spectacular display to the skies above LA that got spectators wondering whether drones could actually take the place of the humble firework. They’re safer, they’re reusable and can be precisely programmed, making them a lot more cost-effective. They can also be even more closely choreographed for visuals that truly astound. Disney, who spend a rumoured $50m a year on their world-renowned firework displays, have already been talking to Intel about the possibility of using drones for their light shows. It’s companies like these that stand to make some ser... Read More »

Recent News: Graduates of SalusUAV Training Win National Recognition

Published October 29th 2017

The First University to Win a Clean Sweep of Awards Team Bath Drones were the first attendees of the SalusUAV Higher Education and Research Course. We are proud that they have gone on to be the first team ever to achieve a clean sweep at the IMechE competition, winning the following prizes: Innovation (sponsored by QinetiQ), Design (sponsored by GKN Aerospace) and Overall Grand Champions (sponsored by Northrop Grumman). Read More »

Nation Prize for Innovation Upper Austria - 2nd place for Aero Enterprise GmbH

Published October 25th 2017

Linz, 25.10.2017. With its “Airborne Quality Assurance” service package, Aero Enterprise was awarded 2nd place at the Nation Prize for Innovation 2017 in Upper Austria. The award ceremony took place on 24th October at the Upper Austrian Studios of the ORF in Linz. The Innovation Award, which is awarded annually by Business Upper Austria and the state of Upper Austria, was selected in four categories: small businesses – including Aero Enterprise-, medium-sized companies, large companies and research institutes. Furthermore, two jury awards (for radical innovations and/or business model innovations) were chosen. “We are extremely pleased to be ranked second in the SME category and are proud to be a driving innovation force in Upper Austria, together with all nominees,” said Robert Hörmann, CEO and CTO of Aero Enterprise. “The prize is especially for our team, which makes such submissions possible with unprecedented work and a high level o... Read More »

1000 drone pilots covered (and counting...)

Published October 23rd 2017

Just 18 months since take-off, Moonrock Drone Insurance – which specialises in drone insurance, underwritten by Hiscox, for commercial pilots – has safely landed its 1000th insurance policy. For Moonrock’s CEO Simon Ritterband, the growing success of the product vindicates what he saw as a potential opportunity when his builder turned up with a drone. “I was working in property when I had a call from my builder who said I had some roofing issues with one of my buildings. He sent a drone up to take a closer look. That sparked my interest in drones so I went to a drone expo, caught the buzz and immediately signed up to get my commercial pilot’s licence.” Limited insurance choice Licence secured, Ritterband realised that the market to buy liability insurance – a legal requirement for all commercial drone pilots – was limited. “Existing policies could be 60 pages long and were largely adapted from more general aviation insurance c... Read More »


Published October 23rd 2017

DJI’s Matrice 600 (M600) is DJI’s high-end commercial drone designed for professional aerial photography and various industrial applications. M600 is DJI’s heaviest drone can carry up to 6 kg of payload reaching a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 15.5 kg, carrying various payloads worth up to thousands of dollars. The M600 itself comes equipped with several redundancies such as the A3 autopilot self-adaptive flight systems that adjust flight parameters and six batteries that can be turned on and off with a button and the drone will stay in the air if one fails. However, the M-600 drone is still prone to many other risks both mechanical and software, that could lead to a potential crash. That is why an expensive investment like the M-600 requires a safety net – a backup system that would provide recovery when all else fails. Parazero is a drone safety solutions company, specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative safety systems f... Read More »

Air Control Entech: PM visit – UAV technology opportunity to transform Oil and Gas Industry

Published September 18th 2017

This is a move to strengthen Public-Private partnership aimed at tackling the high costs and complexity of carrying out high quality inspections of facilities. A visit to the Oil and Gas Technology centre (OGTC), presented Air Control Entech’s (ACE) managing director Kieran Hope with an opportunity to showcase an innovative solution. Kieran demonstrated that with support from the OGTC, Air Control Entech can provide low-cost high quality inspections using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Managing Director of the Aberdeen based Start-up said: “It was great to present one of our existing technologies to the UK PM. The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (The OGTC) have been a great support to the company since we engaged with them. Today marks another fine example of how the new technology centre can help get the hidden technologies within Aberdeen out there, into the market and help to make our industry great again” Read More »

Air Control Entech achieve world first live stream offshore inspection from UAV

Published September 18th 2017

Air Control Entech, a leading UAV (drone) based Service Company to the Oil and Gas industry has delivered a world’s first in offshore inspection. Air Control Entech UAV inspection team successfully streamed the world’s first live offshore inspection. The live inspection from a North Sea FPSO operated by a UK headquartered Oil and Gas Company was successfully streamed directly to the client’s onshore offices in Aberdeen. This new development, co-funded by investment from Aberdeen’s Oil & Gas Technology Centre aims to cut the cost of inspecting and maintaining offshore infrastructure. By using the UAV to complete the inspection and live stream, the operator obtained a real time view of the asset, removing the need for a shut down and rope access teams mobilizing to inspect the flare. This successful trial leads the way for future trials and a final refined product that stakeholders are eagerly awaiting due to the safety benefits and combined cost a... Read More »

Airborne Rotor Blade Inspection goes offshore

Published September 6th 2017

Aero Enterprise will be presenting its latest development at HUSUM Wind 2017: Airborne Inspection Service - now also for offshore wind turbines. The combination of the advanced SensorCopter and AERO-Lyse software ensures efficient and safe detection, analysis and classification of damage, even in harsh weather conditions. With this technology - already in use on onshore systems - Aero Enterprise is again one step ahead of the competition: especially in the harsh operating conditions at sea, the SensorCopter proves its strengths: stable flight behaviour, longer flight duration and continuous, high-resolution image material - even with stronger wind. Aero Enterprise is a specialist in ‘airborne quality assurance’ for the inspection of wind turbines. With the self-developed system - consisting of a helicopter drone, a ground station, a database and a client-based analysis software package - Aero Enterprise is the perfect partner for service providers, system builders and... Read More »

DJI Drones Save the Day During Texas Flood Rescue

Published August 10th 2017

While floods endanger the lives of thousands in Northern Texas, DJI is proud to play part in the rescue and safety of these victims. This was apparent in Johnson County, Texas where local drone operator Garret Bryl turned his DJI Inspire 1 on saving others in his neighborhood. The Kastel Family was left adrift on their house-turned-island as waters flooded the area. Bryl was able to affix a rope to his Inspire 1 and fly it across the raging waters, delivering a literal life-line to the Kastel Family. With the Kastel Family secure, the rescue team waited for a Texas National Guard helicopter to arrive and carry the couple away from danger. In this case, attempts were made to access the family by speed boat or hovercraft, but rescuers deemed the raging river too dangerous. The Inspire 1 was able to remain incredibly safe and stable in a journey where one slip into the water could spell disaster for the Kastel Family. It is a testament to the reliability of DJI products that they ca... Read More »

DJI Introduces M200 Series Drones Built For Enterprise

Published August 9th 2017

DJI, the world leader in unmanned aerial technology, Sunday unveiled the new Matrice 200 drone series (M200), which is purpose-built for professional users to perform aerial inspections and collect data – making drone technology an affordable and easy-to-use tool for enterprises that recognize how aerial imaging can transform their operations. The M200 series’ folding body is easy to carry and easy to set up, with a weather- and water-resistant body, ideal for field operations. It offers DJI’s first upward-facing gimbal mount, opening up the undersides of bridges, towers and other structures to inspection. It is compatible with DJI’s powerful X4S and X5S cameras, as well as the high-powered Z30 zoom camera and the XT camera for thermal imaging. It has a forward-facing first-person view camera, allowing a pilot and a camera operator to monitor separate images on dual controllers. Its safety features include obstacle avoidance sensors facing forward, up and dow... Read More »